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Most historical tours treat Sitka's remarkable past as a testimonial to a bygone people- a window to an era that shaped the present, but is somehow extinct. With Tribal Tours of Sitka, however, history is a living thread from the past to the present. The events of the last two-and-a-half centuries are important, but part of a much larger story. Tlingit Indians have lived continuously in Sitka since the end of the last Ice Age- an unbroken course of civilization that stretches the very definition of "history." Seen through the eyes of the Tlingit, Sitka's history is a steady drumbeat, a rhythm, a song ten thousand years old. History is not only about what happened: it's also about the present, yours and ours. We cordially invite you to experience Sitka on a Tlingit Cultural Tour- not as an outsider looking in - but as a participant, like us, in an ancient and changing world.

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